Quality Policy

We at NIKHTISH ENTERPRISES are committed to provide solutions for Air Handling, Filtering and Distribution Systems and manufacture Air Valves, Filters and Valves for NBC Ventilation Systems.

  • All the activities regarding quality will include and require all the factors in the company and will be done according to SII procedure 005, SI 4570 and meet quality requirements.
  • Nikhtish Enterprises is committed to customer satisfaction.
  • All products and services provided to our customers shall be safe and effective for their intended use.
  • Each product and service shall be designed, manufactured, marketed, and delivered in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Product quality will be accomplished through the consistent implementation, maintenance and effectiveness of Quality Management System.
  • Every employee is responsible for the active promotion and the realization of our quality policy within their job functions.
  • The quality policy is understood and implemented at all the times by all company employees.
  • The quality system is open to criticism and improvement suggestions from employees, customers and independent factors (certification institute).
  • The company will invest and invests in training and seminars for its employees and in prevention activities in order to reduce quality costs and to increase employee motivation.

NIKHTISH ENTERPRISES values its commitment to quality and prides itself on its quality assurance system.