Our Assembly Line

    • Well trained and qualified workers.
    • Well-developed assembly line with portable hi-tech tools.
    • Individual self-equipped assembly stations for mass production.
    • Special assembly room (clean room) for assembly of various types of carbon filters and filtration assemblies which have temperature and humidity control systems. Inside the room we have facility to test final assemblies for pressure drop at variable air flows, leak tightness and ensuring filtration efficiency of 99.9% for 0.3 microns.
Name of Machine Specification and Make Number
Variable Speed Impact Wrenches (Power Guns)
  • Hitachi Make
  • Portable
  • Useful for various nuts and bolts from M4-M10
7 Nos.
Self-Equipped Assembly stations
  • Independent Stations
  • Facility to put and remove/ change working instructions.
  • Facility to store material, tools.
  • Good/ independent lighting arrangement
6 Nos.
Semi-Auto Strapping Machine
  • Single phase
  • Portable
  • Can strap up to 100 kg. cargo weight.
1 No.