NBC Protection System

Nikhtish NBC Protection Systems offer protection against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Hazards. These systems are useful for underground shelters, tents or special containers.


Air Shower

In the Conventional clean room or biologically clean room, the greatest source of dust and bacteria is human being. Therefore it becomes essential to install Air Shower for control of contamination at the entrance leading to the clean room.

Animal Isolator

NIKHTISH Animal Isolators are specially designed to protect laboratory personnel, the environment &
the laboratory animal or any combination of the three, from contaminants & allergens.


Benefits of Working with Nikhtish

Very Good Connectivity to all Metro’s in India. Good connectivity/ proximity to Sea Port. Automobile Hub provides local Vendors with precision machinery.
On time delivery or following committed delivery schedule is always what we aim for.
Customization of our products to best suite your requirements.
Being the Oxford of East, Brilliant qualified and Smart Individuals are never a shortage. Trained, qualified/ certified workers are our assets.
Inspection of raw material, semi-finished goods and finished takes place as per quality plan. Quality Plan is ensured for all the materials at all the stages. Our organization regards these Quality Plans as Holy Book.
Usually everyone wants to Work on projects that provide huge turnovers both in Quantum and Price. But it is rare that any organization/factory takes up development projects where the quantum and price is uncertain.
Honesty is the best policy. We will never commit anything that we will not be able to deliver.
State of the art machinery for Welding (Argon & Arc welding), Machining and assembly. State of the art equipments for testing of manufactured products. We have immediate plan of Investing into CNC machinery for Turret Punching, Bending, Laser Cutting, CNC Lathe machine and CNC VMC.
We believe in Customer satisfaction but alongside we believe in mutual satisfaction.